The Perfect Game Foundation  


About Us

The Perfect Game Foundation was established in August 2012 by Moorestown High School students Stephen Kapostas and Kevin Eckenrode. Our objective is to help those less fortunate play baseball, and for us to provide equipment to help them achieve that goal. Our foundation mainly does this by holding collections and swaps both on our own and through the Moorestown Rec Center, then redistributing the equipment to other foundations. We decided to start The Perfect Game Foundation because we are both passionate about playing baseball and are interested in getting involved with the community and helping those less fortunate however we can.

The Perfect Game Foundation expanded and became more than just baseball driven, but is now serving to help every sport in Moorestown. Now that Kevin and Stephen are off to college, Austin Domer and Kaitlyn Eckenrode are excited to assume the leadership of The Perfect Game Foundation and continue serving the community.